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CMA Fastlane Rally - September 23-25, 2011

CMA is the Christian Motorcycle Association, which should be self-explanatory. The Fastlane is a sub-group of guys that as one guy put it: wants to ride. He shall remain nameless. But the short version is guys that like to ride more than talk. I've ridden with them only once before and missed several other opportunities due to personal schedule problems, but these people can RIDE. So I was bound and determined to make this weekend, as I thought it would be a good one. I was not disappointed.

The location for the meet was the Lewis and Clark Resort just outside of Kamiah, Idaho. This turned out to be a very nice little resort with a good restaurant, pool (cold), hot tub (hot), showers, a meeting room - in short, just perfect for this type of weekend. Truthfully it started on Thursday September 22, but I couldn't get there then, so for me it started on Friday.

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