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Tom Clark
My name is Tom Clark, and I am the owner of MTC Software, Inc. I have been a professional software engineer since 1987, with experience in a wide variety of disciplines. That experience includes database programming for a now-defunct insurance company, application development for Itron, Internet/Intranet development for Wall Data, Telect, and myself. As a developer for Telect I was one of the main developers of their comprehensive web site. That's where I really "cut my teeth" on the internet. We did everything there! But Telect got caught in the telecommunications downward spiral of 2002 and reduced itself to 10 percent of its size at the time. That has given me the opportunity to be a developer for others. Along the way I rejoined the traditional workforce taking a software engineering position with the web development group at INHS, Cashlinq (closed), Ministry Brands, Behind The Gavel (closed), and currently work at Intellitect where I've discovered I still like what I do for a living!

I've watched the Internet grow from the fledgling years to the major commerce entity that it is today. But it is so large that it's hard for a person or company to know how to best make use of it. I enjoy the opportunities to create tools for people that are truly useful and useable.

I live in Spokane, Washington with my wife Vicki, enjoying the beautiful pacific northwest. I spend time with my adult kids whenever I can, ride my motorcycles all over the place, tinker on house or motorcycle projects, and generally enjoy the life God has blessed me with.

This website used to be about my business, but since I went back to work fulltime for others, it has become about my motorcycle travels. I try and put up stories, pictures, and sometimes video about the places I go and the adventures that happen. I don't really expect people to sit and read them, but I put them up here in case they do. Also, I enjoy writing and having a place to put things keeps me doing it. I still do a little business on the side, moonlighting as it were, but for the most part this website is about finding adventure on motorcycles.

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Tom Clark
I'm a Senior Software Engineer at Intellitect, living in Spokane, Washington. I also do a little development work on the side. And I love riding motorcycles all over the country with my friends.

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