If you look at the date of my last post, you'll see that it's been seven months.  The reason has more to do with last year's Thanksgiving post.  My dad passed away on January 2, 2023 and due to that and trying to help care for my 95 year old mother, enjoy time with my kids and grandkid, and a little bit of travel, I've just not gotten around to writing.  But I'm here now, for whoever reads this.

My youngest (Amy) and her husband (Paddy) visited us three different times this year, which is unusual because they (mostly) live in Germany.  That's a long story.  But it's been fun to have them here.  We've spent a lot of time with family - mostly fun, some not so fun.  Funerals just are not that fun.  But you get through it and move on.

Over Memorial Day I took a bike trip to Oregon with my brother Dave, Tim Pontius, and Bill Motsenbocker.  We had a great time, though we got a bit of rain now and then.  Then in August, Vicki and I flew to Alaska for a week to visit a missionary family in Soldotna and drove up to see Denali before flying home.  Just after Labor Day, I took another short bike trip up into Canada on the KTM which was great fun except for the hellacious, rocky hill that all three of us fell on trying to get down.  But I love camping and the bike trip was great!

It's late Fall and getting into Winter soon so the bikes are put away for the cold season now upon us.  I had been hoping to get back to Death Valley in early spring, but hurricane Hilary threw a rainstorm at the park and took out a ton of roads that won't be repaired soon enough.  So it'll be a BDR trip to either Oregon or Wyoming next September, and before that, the BMW National Rally in Redmond, Oregon in June.  In between that will be a vacation trip for Vicki and I.

I'm closing in on retirement soon and looking forward to it.  Perhaps I'll write more when I have more time, or perhaps take more time is more accurate.  But I'll be glad when this year is over.  It's been fun, but a bit crazy at times and hopefully next year I'll plan better.  Time will tell!

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