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Saturday, June 12, 2021

This was just an overnight trip with my brother Dave, Tim Pontius, and me up in the Sullivan Lake area of northeast Washington state. The purpose was to try out our new bikes and, for Tim and Dave, new luggage. This past winter Dave and I bought 2020 KTM 390 Adventures, Tim bought a 2020 Kawasake Versys and we needed to see how they'd really fare in BDR-like riding.

So Saturday June 12, 2021 Dave and I packed up our bikes and rode up to meet Tim in Dalkenna, close to where he lives. From there we rode to Usk, crossed the Pend O'Reille river, and headed up into the Kaniksu National Forest heading for Sullivan Lake to camp. We didn't exactly get away early, so by the time we got to Sullivan Lake, we decided it really was time to set up camp. We found a nice place at the south end of the lake called Noisy Creek Campground and got ourselves settled in for the evening.

We had an odd camp host come by and initially try and tell us that the company that runs the campground for the US Forest Service wouldn't allow motorcycles in the campgrounds. We let him talk, but pretty much ignored him because there's no such rule. He was harmless.

After dinner we sat around the campfire and solved the world's problems.

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