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COBDR, Here I Come! 9-10-2021

Shakedown Ride 7-1-2021

IDBDR Completed 9-29-2020

IDBDR (this time I mean it) 9-7-2020

IDBDR!! 8-1-2020

Change of Plans 5-4-2020

Riding Season Is Here! 3-7-2020

Death Valley Redux 11-9-2019

Spring Riding 3-26-2017

Can't wait for spring! 1-4-2017

History in the making, part 2 11-9-2016

Fall is in the air 10-3-2016

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Tom Clark
I'm Chief Technical Overlord for Behind The Gavel, living in Spokane, Washington. I also do a little development work on the side. And I love riding my bikes all over the country with my friends.

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