Riding season is finally here and a bit earlier than normal.  Here in Spokane, Washington we are experiencing an early spring.  It actually started in February with milder than normal temperatures and no precipitation here in the lower elevations.  The mountains still get snow, but down here we have dry pavement, if not warm temps.

So Thursday, February 27th, I started my riding season by riding the bike to work as well as the following day.  Is it cold?  Yeah, in the mornings it's pretty dang chilly and I'm wearing my Rev'it! Sand 3 pants with both liners in and that keeps me plenty warm along with my Triumph leather jacket.  It's worth it because in the afternoon the air is warmer and a nice ride home.  Today's ride in was pretty much the same.  Every day is better when I get to ride my Triumph.

My thoughts are focused on my trip to Death Valley in six weeks time and that will be with my Yamaha WR250R.  Our trip has finalized on the time as well as the participants.  It'll be me, my brother Dave and his son Aidan, Tim Pontius, Jeff Lawton, and Bill Motsenbocker who just bought a Honda CRF250L last fall in preparation for this.  We have a planning get together set for about three weeks from now where we'll get ourselves organized with the logistics needed.  Weather will of course be warmer than the last time I was there (see Death Valley).  Current temperatures range from mid 70's to mid 80's.  I hope it holds to that by next month because that will be awesome to ride in.

Later in the summer Tim Pontius and I are planning to ride the Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route.  My brother Dave might be able to join us, but he's unsure right now whether he will have enough vacation time available.  I hope he can.  The three of us did the WABDR and that was awesome.

So I have a great riding year in front of me and the season has finally started.  It's going to be great!!!

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