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What's up in 2021? 1-10-2021

The Electoral College 12-14-2020

Cynicism 10-31-2020

IDBDR (this time I mean it) 9-7-2020

Growth and Change 7-27-2020

Loving "The Other" 6-5-2020

Another Black Man Killed 6-1-2020

Spreading Fear 4-15-2020

Strange Times 3-25-2020

Racing and Integrity 1-24-2020

Farewell 2019! 12-31-2019

Public Confession 12-23-2019

Impeachment 12-10-2019

War 11-17-2018

Stop yelling and start listening 3-1-2018

GOP Fumigation 2-12-2018

History in the making, part 2 11-9-2016

History in the making 10-11-2016

The Problem Of Immediacy 7-8-2016

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I'm Chief Technical Overlord for Behind The Gavel, living in Spokane, Washington. I also do a little development work on the side. And I love riding my bikes all over the country with my friends.

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