Well, here we are again. For the third time in my lifetime, presidential impeachment proceedings have begun. For those not keeping track, proceedings began when Nixon was president, but he resigned before being actually impeached for obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and contempt of Congress. Clinton was impeached for lying about an affair he had with a White House intern and obstruction of justice. And now proceedings against Trump have begun for "abuse of power" (quid pro quo withholding aid to Ukraine for dirt on Biden) and "obstruction of Congress" (defying supoenas). Regardless of your opinion of Trump, it's yet another historic moment in his presidency. I'm surprised they didn't file a third charge of contempt of Congress so they could compare him to Nixon.

As with Clinton's impeachment, this will only result in a stain on Trump's record, not a removal from office since the Republican Senate will not convict him. But what are we to think of this circus? The Democrats remind me of Claude Rains' character in "Casablanca" who was shocked(!) to discover gambling going on in Rick's "Cafe American". Of course the Republicans had the part down pat when Clinton's impeachment was going on. I find a pleasing amount of balance in viewing the two events. Politicians it seems are very consistent in their behavior as a group. They're full of righteous indignation when the other party is caught doing something that is business-as-usual for both sides. The Democrats are showing the same amount of desperation about Trump as the Republicans were about Clinton, not to mention Obama.

For me, this is not shocking at all. Trump is after all not any different than he was prior to running for president. He's always been a narcissistic businessman of zero principles so why would anyone be surprised by his behavior as president? I'm just thankful he's as inept as he is because if he was even a fraction as clever as he thinks he is, our country would be in a world of hurt.

However, the divisions within our country continue to widen politically and that is helping no one. Our representatives are focused on the circus and not on their jobs. And with an election year just around the corner it doesn't look like anything will get done next year either. So the merry-go-round spins on and it's a ride none of us can get off of.

"Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher" in Ecclesiastes and what a commentary on our world that book is. There doesn't seem to be any happy ending on the horizon, but ... if we remember the month we're in, hope is there to be seen. Jesus Christ came as one of us. We celebrate His coming rightly saving us from the sad state that is our humanity. So as you read the news, and watch the circus, don't despair. Christ is over all things and this is just a tempest in a teapot, if I can borrow another phrase. May you find the Hope that is there to be found.

Merry Christmas!


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