With the world pretty much sheltering in place to try and reduce the spread of COVID-19, I find I'm starting another chapter of life as well.  Behind The Gavel, the litigation support start up company I've been working at for the past three years has been forced to lay off everyone including me.  This is not unexpected because the courts are slowing down or suspending operations just as many other aspects of society is doing.  Thus, there's nothing for us to be doing.  Will the company survive?  We just don't know what the long-term effects will be for any of us.  What this means for me is that at 61 years of age, I'm back looking for work again.  Like when I started with Cashlinq several years back, I had hoped to retire from BTG.  Obviously God has other plans.

It is a very strange time indeed that we live in.  I've been through a volcano exploding and Y2K, but nothing really compares to this.  It's a little depressing to see so many people panic-buying stuff they don't really need to.  This I think will compare to Y2K as people sheepishly realize that the panic was unneeded.  But many aspects of life have changed.  Streets are far more empty, only "essential" stores are open and some of those will not let you in the building.  Instead you tell them what you need and they bring it out to you.  Awkward, but certainly a better plan than having people milling about inside.  For some there is hardly any discernable change.  I chatted with a farmer friend of mine and their life hasn't changed a bit, except when they go to town for their once-a-month purchases.  And you do hear of good actions by neighbors and the community that renew your faith in humanity a bit.

Besides the job situation, my trip to Death Valley has been obviously cancelled.  Whether things recover enough in the summer to allow me to ride the Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route remains to be seen.  I'm not making any plans right now - just going with the flow and looking for a job.

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