I'm back to having two motorcycles in the stable.  In January I bought a 2021 BMW F900XR with all the bells and whistles!  It is used, but it had only 385 miles.  That's right, it isn't even fully broken in.  Why a new bike?  Because while I love my KTM 390, it is too small to properly tour.  As the saying goes "there's no replacement for displacement."

So what is this bike?  It's a 895cc parallel twin putting out 99 horses through a chain drive.  Let's go through all the goodies that came on this bike reading downward through the original dealer's description.

  • Hand guards
  • Adaptive headlight - "The dipped beam unit fitted as standard in the main headlamp consists of a movable xenon projection module arranged in the middle with a reflection mirror. Ride height sensors on the front and rear wheel suspension provide data for continuous headlight beam throw adjustment. Thanks to the pitch compensation, the light illuminates the optimal, preselected area regardless of the ride and load condition when riding in a straight line."
  • Dynamic ESA - Electronically controlled (semi-active) suspension
  • Keyless ride - remote fob instead of inserting a key. Also no keyslot for the gas cap.
  • Headlight pro - LED headlights
  • GPS preparation - Wiring already set up for GPS
  • Heated grips
  • TPM (tire pressure monitor)
  • Cruise control - proper cruise control, not just a throttle lock
  • Anti-theft alarm system
  • DTC (dynamic traction control) - computer-controlled and adjustable
  • Dynamic engine brake control - emergency brake detection and assist
  • Gearshift assist pro (AKA "quickshifter")
  • Ride modes pro - rain, road, dynamic, dynamic pro
  • ABS pro - adjusts braking force when at a banking angle
  • Center stand
  • Connectivity (with phone)

There's a lot of stuff there!  For me the biggest game changers are: no key, dynamic suspension, four ride modes, and cruise control.  The quickshifter is a big deal for some people, but I'll have to ride and try it a bit more than I have to decide how big a deal it is.  True cruise control!  How cool is that!!  The only caution I had when buying the bike was the color.  Gold.  Could I get used to that?  Well, since I bought it, the answer is yes.  One downside: the fuel tank is only 4.1 gallons, which means I'll be stopping for gas more than I'd like.  But it's a small price to pay I think.

I've done a few things with it already.  I ordered a set of gray side cases, installed a bar above my TFT display for my Garmin ZumoXT, installed a dual USB port, and installed a rear rack for my topcase.  The exhaust is low enough that each the cases are only different by 1 liter (so they're both about 30 liters).

I can't wait to get out and put some serious miles on it, but it's still winter here in Spokane, so I just have to be paitent.

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