Well, it's the end of the riding season. Usually this is a sad time in that I feel winter comes too early for me to put the motorcycle away for the year. This year however feels different and I think it's because I did a lot of late-in-the-year riding. This includes one just last weekend in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho/Montana. I have quite a bit of video recorded that I want to put into proper form for both publishing on Vimeo as well as a personal travelogue for viewing later by me or by my family.  The off-season gives me time to put all of that into viewable form. I am encouraged in this new endeavor by my daughter who is continuing to improve her filmmaking knowledge. I've always been interested in film and my little trips provide me an avenue to learn more about how to do this.

I don't publish on this blog very often, mostly because I don't really have that much to say and I'm pretty sure no one is reading it anyways. But for those of you who are reading this, take time to learn new things. It keeps the brain active and vital and makes even seasons where you are prevented from doing what you normally love, enjoyable.

Enjoy the off-season - learn something new!