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Starting this week, I begin a new job with a startup company here in Spokane, Washington called Behind The Gavel.  We do electronic evidentury support for federal, state, and local court cases.  I've been helping them out for about 8 months and now I'll be working for them full time.  I'm excited about it because they're a small company at the beginning of a time of rapid growth.  It gives me the opportunity to have a huge impact on their success.  Plus they're just a fun bunch of people!  I will be continuing construction of a web application for them as well as working on their internal processes, automating where it makes sense.  Because in a company that small titles are pretty flexible, I'm taking Chief Technical Overlord.  Yeah, I think I can live with that title!

Bike work
Meanwhile, I've also been busy on the bike front. My rear rack came in so I can mount my Givi Topcase. I've wired up a PowerLet outlet for charging phones, cameras, etc. And I've wired up a connection for my powered Garmin cradle. I'll be using it on both the Triumph and Yamaha, so I've wired it with a connector so I can plug it into either bike. I've not been happy with the amount of buffeting the windscreen gives, so I did a bit of experimenting. I took the windscreen off completely to see what it feels like at speed. As people on the Tiger 1050 forum said, it was much quieter and no buffeting, but there was increased pressure on my chest. So I knew I needed to cut the existing windscreen down. I cut it down two inches and then tried it out. Still too noisy. So I cut another two inches off.

That seems to be doing the trick so I cleaned it up, sanded down the edges. Last week, my shorter risers showed up and so I got the bars in a comfortable position with my Rox Risers. The result of the bar reposition and shorter windscreen is I now have clean air on my helmet and just a smidgen of wind at my shoulders. Very livable and so that's where things will be for the forseeable future. At the end of this month I have a weekend trip with some of my friends so we'll see how it all works out.

So the Triumph is ready for touring and the Yamaha is ready for ADV. With the weather finally cooperating it looks like it's going to be a great year of riding!

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Spring Riding

So how's my new Triumph working out?  Not too bad!  I love it.  I'm at work making it fit me correctly now.  As mentioned before, the windscreen is the biggest problem at the moment.  After doing some reading on the forum ( I tried using small brackets to lift the windscreen away from the fairing about a half inch.  The result was marginally better windflow, but not enough to make a huge difference.  I will be researching for a new windscreen and try and get it in place before Memorial Day's three-day weekend when I have a trip planned. To go somewhere.

Other things I've done:

  • Installed grip puppies - this makes the grip a little bigger around and further isolates any vibration. I had them on the V-Strom and ordered a set right away for the Triumph.
  • Repositioned the clutch and front brake levers to fit right.
  • Added miror extensions to put them out a little further so my shoulders don't get in the way.
  • Ordered an original handlebar riser so I can install a new Rox pivoting riser. This will allow me to have the bars back toward me a bit (I have short arms).
  • Got a Triumph keychain and put two Triumph stickers on my helmet (okay these aren't really bike mods, but I needed them!).


  • Will order a rear rack next week to allow me to install my Givi topcase.
  • Considering lowering links - I'm tippy toe now and that makes it hard to move the bike backwards with my feet without getting off the bike. I don't feel awkward because I'm used to tall bikes, but there are a few practical aspects that make me think about this. Plus the forum reports improved handling because the center of gravity is lower (not sure what to think about that statement).
  • Powerlet outlet.
  • Garmin powered cradle.

For those last two items Triumph has conveniently placed a plug for that purpose in the fairing. Talk about thinking ahead. That'll make that installation much easier.

For now, I'm riding it and getting used to how it handles. Cornering is just a way different feel than I had with the V-Strom. It is very planted in corners, but it falls into the turn way quicker, so I'm having to reset my turning tactics. Acceleration with that additional horsepower is just a giddy, addictive thing.  Gonna have to watch that!

Meanwhile, my Yamaha WR250R is not being neglected. I've added new footpegs, a new aluminum rack, and a three gallon fuel tank. I took it out to the ORV park this afternoon before it rained so I could get a little dirt under my tires. Next Saturday April 1st, is the Stumpjumper's Desert 100 weekend. The race is on Sunday, but on Saturday there are three different poker runs that take place: Ironman, Family, and Dualsport. I did part of the Ironman last year, but this year I'll be doing the Dualsport. It's a combination of road and trails and requires the bike to be street legal. I'm really looking forward to it.

So the new riding season is off to a great start!

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