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What do you do when you have nearly 5 feet of snow piled up on either side of your driveway? Watch a lot of motorcycle videos, that's what! Superbowl Sunday came around and I just couldn't generate any interest in watching the Patriots vs. Falcons, so instead I turned on YouTube and started searching for some long movies to watch. I've gotten hooked on a group out of Australia filmed by David Darcy who has made some very entertaining videos. Let me tell you, these blokes can ride! Certainly out of my league, which admittedly isn't saying much.

These are very enjoyable videos and there's more where those came from, all free for the viewing. It's not all just vicarious adventure though. You can pick up tips from these movies and I've jotted a few notes down to either try, or in the case of water crossings investigate what to do if you dump your bike in the water.

So take some time, start with these if you like, but go out and enjoy some great movies while waiting for the snow to melt!

Tropical Motorcycle Adventure

New Zealand Motorcycle Adventure

London to Sydney Motorcycle Adventure

Australian Desert Motorcycle Adventure


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Can't wait for spring!


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